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Shape Options

We sell all of our shapes by themselves.  Use the shapes to make your own decor or display them by themselves.
Shapes come in multiple materials from rusty rustic to plywood.  Plywood shapes are great for painting!
Adding a shape to our wood backs is a great way to show off your rusty rustic shape.  Wood backs are made from real amish wood.
Signs come ready to hang.  These sturdy built wall hangers are the perfect piece for any room in your home.
These signs are the perfect gift!
Adding a metal rod to your shape makes it perfect to display in your yard or in flower pots.
Metal rods come from 5″ long up to 24″ long.  Shorter rods make them perfect to stand up when you poke the rod into the ground
Longer rods put your shape above the flowers and bushes.
You can choose from spotty rusted metal or full rust for the perfect look.
Sometimes you want a rustic piece to sit on your mantle.  By choosing our oval base option your shape will stand up and fit nicely onto any shelf or mantle.
These oval base items are available in our 20ga medium thickness metal with a spotty rust finish.  You can choose our full rust option heavy 16ga as a great choice for larger shapes.
Some shapes like birds look great on an oval base with rod.  Choose from 12″ tall or 5″ tall rods.  
With a stable base this option can be used on a mantle or shelf.  You can even use this option on your porch or railing.

Material Choices

Plywood Options

20 Gauge Spotty Rust

29 Gauge Spotty Rust

16 Gauge Full Rust

Wood Back Choices

customize your home decor with our easy shape customizer

Metal Rod Stakes

Rod Length Choices

5″ Long Rod

Sits the shape directly on the ground

9″ Long Rod

Great for holding up your shape slightly off the ground

12″ Long Rod

Great for holding up your shape higher from the ground

18″ Long Rod

Holds your shape above small shrubs and flowers

24″ Long Rod

Stands your shape high above plants.

Welded vs Removable Rods

Oval Base Choices

Oval Base Option

Oval Base with Rod Option

Don’t see what you need?
Just ask and we can design something custom for you.

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