Follow along as I reveal the innovative way I research the web for new items to make.

In my previous email I went through some of the questions I ask myself as I scan through the images on my search for the next big (or) little thing.

 To recap those items here they are again:

  • How can I improve on what they have done.

  • Can I make this with mixed media

  • If it’s made from wood, can I make it from metal? or metal to wood?

  • How cool would it be if it was bigger? or smaller?

  • What if I used different colors / textures (rough vs smooth vs reclaimed)

  • Can this concept work in another style? Image is for beach theme, can it be farmhouse?

  •  Can I incorporate this idea into or with something we already make?

These are the tools I use when I go looking.  Watch the video below to see where I put these to use.

Grab your pen and paper.  Got some great stuff.

Play Video

There was a lot of great information.  I would love your feedback on the ideas I shared and what you may have learned.

Also keep your eyes peeled for my next video.

This video I am going to take an idea, apply my tools above, then create the item!

The creative process after the discovery is my favorite part.  

Please if you get a chance comment below in order to qualify for a bonus video.  This will be all about (well that’s the secret).  

Please comment below one thing you learned.

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