Finally getting settled…

rusty tin letters

It has been a crazy holiday season.  This genius (me) decided it was a great time to move into a new building.  Yeah, besides our sales being crazy, we need to move our entire shop to a new (and much bigger) facility.  Well we are finally all settled in (mostly) and the shop is running better  than ever.  Now that things have slowed down a little bit I have time to breathe and take a look ahead at new products for 2017. We really found a winner with our rusty shapes on wood backs.  This year is expanding our shapes and sizes for these cool items.  Rusty metal shapes are all the rage now.  I spend hours and hours scouring Pinterest, and Instagram for inspiration.  I find it in all art forms and then translate those to the rustic rusty metal. I will soon start some videos.  Little sneak peeks into the behind the scenes of what happens here at Custom Cut Decor.  You will get to meet the real craftsmen (and craftswomen) who put their pride into every item they make.  We will also be making some new “how to” videos.  These quick videos will show you little projects and enhancements you can do to our products to make them truly a one of a kind piece.  stay tuned….   –Troy  

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