As a user of the internet and a citizen of the technology age, your privacy is one of the concerns we must always take into account. In order to ensure your privacy, we take a number of technical steps to prevent the acquisition of your personal information by third parties and we have a strict policy of how we use the information you provide.

Technical Measures to protect your privacy

To ensure that your information is not collected by third parties, we employ technical measures to hide details about your interests, your finances and your account information.

Once you enter the ordering process, we use a secure web connection to prevent other people from seeing the products you take an interest in. When you transmit your information over that connection, it’s encrypted to protect you from prying eyes.

We use a browser cookie that’s stored by your web browser, to distinguish your browsing session from those of other visitors. The cookie contains NO personal information; it is simply a unique identifier. The cookies use cryptographic techniques to thwart potential attackers from guessing your cookie value.

One of the other technical ways we protect your privacy is that we NEVER hold your credit card number on our server. For your protection, we do not store “ANY” credit card information. From a technical perspective, your privacy is our top concern.

How we use your information

Our primary use for your information is to fulfill your order. We may also use a logged record of your clickpath to help identify problems with our web sites, areas for improvement, and to gauge popularity of different product lines.

Other uses of your information may include contacting you by email to tell you about new products which you may have interest in, based on your other purchases with us. If you wish to stop receiving such contacts, that is your right and we will promptly comply.


In this internet age, personal privacy and security is a critical part of both your responsibility and ours. If we may do anything to improve your feeling of privacy at our web site, or if you have questions about any privacy issue, please feel free to contact us.

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