How thick is 29 ga? or 16 gauge metal?

Troy Explains the difference between the different metals used for their metal shapes!

Video Transcription:

Hello, this is Troy with Custom Cut Décor. Today’s question is, what is the difference between 16 gauge, 29 gauge, and corrugated metal. Here’s how to answer that question, here at Custom Cut Décor we offer our shapes in three (3) different materials; in 29 gauge and  16 gauge flat metal. Now with metal the gauge, the higher the number the thinner the metal. So, the 29 gauge is thinner than the 16 gauge. The 16 gauge is very thick but the thickness of the quarter, 29 gauge is very thin, I mean that’s basically just tin and so that’s what the 29 gauge is. The corrugated metal is also generally about the 29 gauge sometimes it’s 24 but it’s done in a corrugated shape, a wavy shape which gives a lot more rigidity, a lot more stiffness and so this is also 29 gauge but we sell us if you want the ripple it’s called corrugated. Thank you!

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